WATCH: Priscilla Block Let’s Her ‘Crazy Side’ Show In ‘Off The Deep End’ Music Video

Priscilla Block matches her high-energy single, “Off The Deep End” with an equally carefree music video.  Directed by Rand Smith the…


Madeleine O’Connell

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September 2, 2022


9:43 am

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Priscilla Block; Photo Provided

Priscilla Block matches her high-energy single, “Off The Deep End” with an equally carefree music video. 

Directed by Rand Smith the video starts off with Block having a wild night out in Nashville as she’s “shuttin’ down Broadway” with her friends. Keeping the fun going, they head to the lake for a boat day. She chooses to cruise around on her jet ski and enjoy some drinks on the boat instead of staying home and throwing herself a pity party after a breakup. By the end of the video, they find themselves right back where they began on Broadway. 

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“We had such a blast creating ‘Off the Deep End.’ Hope this one gets you feeling a little wild whether it’s at the bar, at the pool, or you found your Boat Daddy for the summer! Life’s short – sometimes you gotta let your crazy side show!  I’ll be right there with y’all, Off the Deep End!” Block said in a recent press release. 

With the release of the video, Block took to social media to send an empowering message to her fans.

“This is your sign. Wear the booty shorts, wear the crop top, put on that two-piece and if that doesn’t work, put on some high heels, put on some hoops, because you look good, girl,” she said on Instagram.  

This song blew up on social media before it was even released, and Block explained she had “no clue” that it would end up being such a fan-favorite when she wrote it with Brandon Paddock and Martin Johnson.

She said, “I didn’t realize the response was gonna be what it was. We got the demo back and I’m like, all right, let’s see what this might do on TikTok. I wish I would’ve been able to put it out sooner, but it was just timing and getting back in the studio to do it.”

“You can find me at the bar, shuttin’ down Broadway/Going too hard, bat shit crazy/Somewhere you stick to the floor and only well on the pour/Yeah, I’m right back here again/Like it’s just another night hanging on a cowboy/Drinking Busch Light like a small town tabloid/Turn the dial up to ten, the whiskey’s fine, jump in/Going off, off, off, off, off the deep end,” Block sings in the chorus.

Block’s career has skyrocketed since fans fell in love with her music on social media. The first leg of her headlining tour went so well that they decided to extend it. The Welcome to the Block Party tour was a big step for the “Just About Over You” singer, but it has proved to be successful and because of that, the party will continue into the fall. 

For this stint of shows, Block hopes to double the venue size and double the number of fans in the audience to keep building those relationships.

“The fans are just so incredible. We had such an amazing turnout with the first tour and that was my first time ever going out and doing headlining stuff. So that in itself is kind of scary because you’re like, ‘damn, I hope I can sell tickets.’

After finishing up her shows in the UK, Priscilla Block will spend the holiday weekend playing shows in Colorado, Nebraska and South Dakota.

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