WATCH: Tim McGraw Pokes Fun At Himself As He Reacts To His Old Music Videos

Tim McGraw; Photo via YouTube
Tim McGraw; Photo via YouTube
Tim McGraw; Photo via YouTube
“I felt like I was cool for a little bit, now looking back at them maybe I wasn’t so cool,” McGraw admits.

Since the early 1990s, Tim McGraw has released a countless number of music videos, and while fans may have them on repeat daily, it’s not too often that he stops to re-watch the videos….until now. 

The superstar recently took a trip down memory lane to react to three of his old music videos: “Down On The Farm,” “She’s My Kind of Rain” and “Humble & Kind.” 

“I’m going to feel a little old when I watch these videos for sure,” McGraw laughs in the opening clips as he prepares to re-watch the videos. 

“I felt like I was cool for a little bit, now looking back at them maybe I wasn’t so cool,” he adds. 

The just over six-minute video begins with McGraw reacting to his “Down On The Farm” music video, which he admits he hasn’t seen in years. The video was filmed at Po Boy Don’s in Tallulah, Louisiana. It was the first Tim McGraw had a say about where he wanted to shoot a video, and he knew the perfect place. 

“Don, who owned the place, sent me some money to record a little demo session and that’s the demo session that got me my record deal. So, when this song came out, one of my ways of paying him back was… I said, ‘open your store, we’re going to shoot a video right at the corner, right at your store in the middle of nowhere, and you’re going to sell a lot of beer,’” McGraw recalls. “He’s since passed on, but he was instrumental in helping me get a demo made and that led me to getting a record deal and that led me to where I’m at now.”

“Down On The Farm” 

McGraw smiles as relives the memories as he shares, “That was a blast, I remember having so much fun shooting that. I mean, all my friends there, my family… I can’t get over how young I sounded in it. I’m kind of glad my voice changed a little bit.”

Next up is McGraw’s “GQ” moment – the music video for his 2003 hit, “She’s My Kind of Rain.” 

“She’s My Kind of Rain” 

“Oh my God, this is me trying to be GQ,” he says as he witnesses the opening of the music video showing him wearing an all-black ensemble, walking down a brick road in the United Kingdom.

“This is my GQ video… well, my attempt at being a GQ… like country GQ, I guess,” he said while laughing. “I’m trying to be cool in this video.”

McGraw remembers shooting the video in the United Kingdom and having so much fun. 

“You know, London is such a beautiful place and the area that we shot it was just so gorgeous,” he says. “I got to step outside of the cowboy hat a little bit and wear some sort of cool newsboy cap and have some little fashion thing going on. I felt like I was cool for a little bit, but now looking back it at maybe I wasn’t so cool.” 

He also jokes about his “Elvis sideburns,” saying, “we got the muttonchops going on.”

“Humble And Kind”

Finally, Tim McGraw shares his thoughts on his impactful “Humble And Kind” music video, released in early 2016. 

While watching the video, McGraw recalls how an Oprah Winfrey film trailer inspired the clip, which he says is one of the “most beautiful videos” he’s ever released. 

“When I saw this trailer for this special that Oprah Winfrey was doing about the world and people and different cultures,” McGraw said. ”I’m like that’s what the song represents to me and the unity that the world has and how people from all different cultures and all different walks of life can come together to celebrate humanity. I thought boy that’s the way I want this video to look.”

The clip concludes with McGraw asking fans what music videos they’d like to see him react to as he admits, “this wasn’t as painful as I thought, so I might try it again.”

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