Brantley Gilbert Had His Daughter’s Name Picked Out Before He Was Married

Brantley Gilbert is now a proud father of two after he and his wife Amber welcomed a baby girl into…


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September 25, 2019

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Brantley Gilbert; Photo by Joseph Llanes

Brantley Gilbert is now a proud father of two after he and his wife Amber welcomed a baby girl into the world on September 9. Their daughter, Braylen Hendrix, joins big brother Barrett Hardy-Clay, 22 months.

Gilbert recently opened up about her unique name, revealing that he and Amber actually had their baby girl’s name picked out long before they were married.

“Hendrix is actually a family name on my wife’s side. And Braylen was a name … you know my wife and I have a very long history that goes back to when we were really young, and it was a name that we threw out way back then and it just kind of stuck and we kept it,” he explained. “And even though we spent years apart without seeing or speaking to each other, when we found out it was a little girl, it was like the plan never changed. That’s been a name that we had picked out for her for a long time.”

Braylen Hendrix arrived just as Gilbert’s career is kicking into high gear again. His latest single and duet with Lindsay Ell, “What Happens In A Small Town,” continues its climb at country radio this week just as Gilbert is preparing to release his much anticipated new album, Fire & Brimstone, on October 4.

Gilbert’s forthcoming album features 15 tracks, including “Man That Hung The Moon,” a special song he penned for his children.

“There was a time in my life where I’m not necessarily proud of the man I was,” Gilbert previously shared. “I want our children to have a song where they can hear my voice say ‘I love you’ and acknowledges that there’s going to come a time when they figure out I’m not a ‘super hero.’ I’m human; I’ve made mistakes. And I’ll make a lot more, but there’s a man who really did hang the moon, who’s got your back and always will, and if I’ve done my job as a father, they’ll know that truth.”

Gilbert wrote the song shortly after he and Amber found out they were expecting their daughter.

“I sat down to write them a letter, but I’m a songwriter first so I ended up with this song,” he explained.

Brantley Gilbert has an extensive tour schedule announced through early next year. Click HERE to see if he’s coming to a city near you.

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