Chris Janson Is ‘Proud’ To Be The ‘Good Vibes’ Guy

After bringing the lively “Good Vibes” to the top of the charts, Chris Janson has lovingly become known as the…


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February 13, 2020

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Chris Janson; Photo by Conner Dwyer

After bringing the lively “Good Vibes” to the top of the charts, Chris Janson has lovingly become known as the “Good Vibes” guy to many country music fans, and that’s something he’s more than okay with, most of the time anyway.

“It’s hard to be honest with you. That’s the honest answer,” he recently confessed to Country Now and other media. “It’s hard to be the ‘Good Vibes’ guy sometimes because I can be a cranky butt too.”

After a quick chuckle, he added, “But I really am blessed and we really are blessed. We’re so blessed to get up this morning and we’re blessed to get up yesterday and hopefully, we’ll get up tomorrow. That’s the main thing. That’s the main principle behind the song. And that gives me a sense of pride and humility with it, which makes me proud to walk forward being the ‘Good Vibes’ guy, if you will.”

The feel-good anthem has taken on new meaning for the singer/songwriter, especially after hearing all of the stories his fans share with him about the song on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s unbelievable how words can heal a human or touch a human,” he said. “I just never got into it for that. It’s just amazing to see how God worked through the song.”

For many, “Good Vibes” serves as a reminder to make the most of every day and find the good in every situation, despite the circumstances. For others, the song has taken on a much deeper meaning.

“Fighting against suicide, fighting against depression…And I have one story that I keep pretty close to my vest,” he explained. “It was very heartwarming and very touching and I saw a lot of ‘Good Vibes’ tattoos out of it… It’s changed a lot of lives. Changed my life actually. It’s a great reminder that you have to walk it exactly like you talk it and that’s not so easy to do. So I had to re-learn to do that. It’s pretty great.”

Chris Janson is back at country radio now with “Done,” the second single from Real Friends and follow-up to “Good Vibes.”

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