Chris Lane Reflects On Four Years Of Marriage With Lauren Lane, Shares An Update On Life At Home With Two Sons

Chris said he and Lauren have a “beautiful life” ahead of them.


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November 13, 2023

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Chris Lane and his wife, Lauren Bushnell Lane recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a “quiet” date night dinner, a rare occasion now that they are parents of two young boys, Dutton, 2, and Baker, 1.

“Lauren’s parents watched the kids for us and we had a nice little quiet dinner to ourselves, which is, you know, we don’t get those often. So it was nice to have. It was beautiful celebrating four years,” Lane told Country Now

The lovebirds began dating in 2018 and tied the knot on October 25, 2019. Since that special day, Lane shares that one of the most valuable things he’s learned about maintaining a healthy marriage is that the relationship takes plenty of work from both partners. 

Lauren Bushnell Lane, Chris Lane; Photo Courtesy Instagram
Lauren Bushnell Lane, Chris Lane; Photo Courtesy Instagram

“I mean, nothing’s really different than I expected. No matter how much you love each other…marriage is work. There’s a lot of incredible days, but sometimes there’s days that you got to work as a team and I think Lauren and I are great partners for each other. I think we’ve got a beautiful life ahead of us,” he shared honestly.

Lane then went on to offer a dose of wisdom for other couples who are preparing to say, “I do” and enter the next chapter of their life together as husband and wife. 

“I think my only piece of advice is just know going in, there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage and you gotta be willing to work at it at the end of the day, and thankfully I have a partner that is.”

Date Night On The Red Carpet

The couple recently got to enjoy another kid-free date night when they attended the 57th Annual CMA Awards on Wednesday (Nov. 8). As they walked side-by-side down the star-studded red carpet, both Lane and his wife turned heads in their elegant attire of a black and white tuxedo and a blue floor-length gown.

Chris Lane, Lauren Lane; Photos by Getty Images for CMA
Chris Lane, Lauren Lane; Photos by Getty Images for CMA

Who Are Chris Lane’s Kids?

Over the past year, the pair have faced some of their biggest challenges yet as they learned to navigate parenthood on a new level. They welcomed their first son, Dutton Walker Lane, in June 2021 and then on October 16, 2022, Lauren gave birth to another baby boy named Baker West in a “very chaotic, unplanned and panicked” sequence of events, as she described at the time.  

“Our little man surprised us 9 days early, late Sunday night. Still laughing thinking about my water breaking (very aggressive, movie like situation) driving myself to the hospital in Chris’ truck (pantsless btw) because my car was out of gas and Dutton was sleeping 😵‍💫,” she wrote in the birth announcement. 

Chris Lane, Lauren Lane; Photos via Instagram
Chris Lane, Lauren Lane; Photos via Instagram

Adding a new member to the family has certainly been an adjustment in the Lane household, but the country star explained they’ve just been taking things day by day and soaking up every moment they can with the little ones, even if that means less sleep and more diapers. 

“It’s been obviously amazing, but it’s hard with the two under two, you know, not sleeping, etc. And then just having two in diapers, it’s a challenge that we were ready for, but I don’t know how you really get prepared for something like that. So, we’re still grinding our way through it, obviously in the thick of things right now, but at the same time, we’re so blessed and so thankful that we get to grind it out with our kids. They’re the sweetest boys in the world.”

Plus, with a new baby to take care of, Lane and Lauren have had the opportunity to watch Dutton embrace his role as a big brother to the best of his abilities. 

“I think he’s definitely getting a lot better. I think any kid at that age, you know, when you’re taking half the time away, they can tend to be a little jealous, but I can already sense best friends happening. They’re really starting to play together a lot now,” Lane said of the young boys’ relationship before adding, “they love each other, I can tell.”

Baker Takes His First Steps

The “Big, Big Plans” singer also revealed that Baker took his very first steps just days ago. He started with just two steps and by the next morning, he was already up to four. 

“He’s finally kind of getting the walking part of it,” Lane said with pride for his 11-month-old son.  

In the midst of experiencing milestones like this with his family, Chris Lane is achieving goals of his own as he begins a new chapter of his career with Jay DeMarcus’ Red Street Records. The newly signed deal is a partnership between Red Street and Lane’s new endeavor, Voyager Records. 

Career Updates

Lane just released his first body of work under his new label home – an EP titled, From Where I’m Sippin’. This collection of five brand-new tunes also marks his first project in five years, following his Laps Around The Sun album. 

From Where I'm Sippin'; Photo by Robby Klein
From Where I’m Sippin’; Photo by Robby Klein

The hitmaking artist serves as a co-writer on four of the tracks, offering listeners a new take on love, breakups, and the reality of navigating married life. 

“Personally, I feel like this EP is more me than any body of work that I’ve ever released,” Lane admitted to Country Now while discussing the project.

Produced by Derek Wells with additional production from Michael Lotten, the project showcases the latest from Lane with songs like “Way To Go Girl,” “Betcha,” the mid-tempo, carefree title track and his current chart-climbing single, “Find Another Bar.”

Lane has become known for delivering a slew of love songs throughout his career, including fan favorites like “For Her,” “Take Back Home Girl,” “I Don’t Know About You,” and “Big, Big Plans.” However, he takes on a slightly different direction with “Find Another Bar,” as he tells the narrative from the perspective of a guy who wishes his ex would find a new hangout spot so he doesn’t have to cross paths with her on his nights out.

“It’s country music, you gotta have at least one good breakup song. I felt like this was a new way to write one, and I was proud of it,” Lane shared. “It was just the first song that we decided to throw out off of this project and yeah, loving the fact that people are loving it, but obviously thankful to have five brand new ones out there now.”

Find Another Bar, Chris Lane; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram
Find Another Bar, Chris Lane; Cover Art Courtesy of Instagram

While “Find Another Bar” continues to see success on the radio, another track that has been claiming the hearts of country fans is “Mistake.”

This song was recently brought to life in a new visualizer that emphasizes Lane’s love for his wife, Lauren. The pair appear to be happy as can be in the casual date-night setting as Lane keeps his other half close while delivering the heartfelt words of his catchy tune.

After discussing the highlights from this collection, the North Carolina native on to share that he hopes to “get the most music I’ve ever recorded out in the fastest way possible.” With that, he hinted that From Where I’m Sippin’ is just a glimpse into a new full-length collection in the works.

YouTube video

“No one is more excited than I am and I’m so thankful to have such a great partner with Red Street. You know, I was out on tour with Rascal Flatts for all those years, so I got to know Jay really well and [I am] super thankful that him and I get a chance to work together. It’s been a beautiful partnership so far.”

Fans have a few more opportunities to hear Chris Lane deliver his newest set of releases live before the year comes to a close. His next performance will take place at the Grizzle Rose in Denver, Colorado on November 15.

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