Chrissy Metz Shares Uplifting ‘Talking To God’ Music Video

Chrissy Metz Talking To God Music Video
Chrissy Metz Talking To God Music Video
Chrissy Metz Talking To God Music Video

Chrissy Metz is bringing her debut country single, “Talking To God,” to life with a touching new music video.

The just-released clip follows the story of two young best friends. Their friendship grows through playdates and sleepovers until one day, one of them is forced to move away. Years later, the two friends reunite in the coolest way possible.

Click below to watch.

Co-written by Nicolette Hayford, Connie Harrington, Jake Mitchell, Ashley McBryde and Aaron Raitiere, “Talking To God” documents a heartfelt conversation between Metz and the man upstairs.

“I was talkin’ to God last night/ About why things happen the way they do/ Yeah, and He shed a little light/ On why I’m goin’ through, what I’m goin’ through/ Everything under the sun/ Why some get it all/ And some people fall out of love/ I was talkin’ to God last night/ Your name came up,” she sings throughout the chorus.

“‘Talking To God’ is a song about those moments when we ask the questions we desperately want the answers to,” shares Metz. “Whether it’s a lost love or why our own lives look much different than the way we had hoped they would. It’s about those personal prayers and conversations we have while listening and learning to surrender and trust in the bigger picture.”

“Talking To God” is Chrissy Metz’s first release since signing a major record deal with Universal Music Group Nashville’s EMI Records Nashville.

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