Exclusive Premiere: Roman Alexander Drops Steamy Music Video For ‘One Tequila’

The new project allows Alexander to live out his dreams of being a ’70s undercover cop.


Melinda Lorge

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May 24, 2023


9:00 am

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Roman Alexander; Photo by Destiny Keller

After releasing his newest single, “One Tequila,” rising country singer/songwriter Roman Alexander returns with the accompanying video for the track, premiering exclusively for readers of Country Now here.

Directed by Hannah Gray Hall and clocking in at 3 minutes and 6 seconds, this sultry clip finds Alexander playing the role of a member of a swat team. Dressed in street clothes, he goes undercover to take down the female suspect, who is seen dancing in a bar during daylight hours. As the video progresses, Alexander finds himself falling for the woman. They share a drink, dance together, and let the sparks fly between them before escaping from the police.

The end of the clip leaves viewers hanging and wondering what happens next, as the words: to be continued are shown spread across the screen. Fans will have to wait for part two of the story, which will arrive with the music video for Alexander’s “Downtime.”

Opening up about his “One Tequila” music video with Country Now, Alexander says, “When I first got the idea for the ‘One Tequila’ music video, it came from me watching Narcos on Netflix a while back. When I watch any music video, I want to feel like I’m watching a movie.”

“For this music video, I felt like Hannah Hall and her team did exactly that when taking my vision and translating that to the screen,” he continued. “In this video, I finally get to live out my dream of being a ’70s undercover cop. I loved the idea of placing romance against your duty, and we get to play out the second part of the story in the ‘Downtime’ video that’s coming soon!”


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“One Tequila,” which dropped conveniently on Cinco De Mayo 2023, was written by Adam Sanders, Lynn Hutton, and Jacob Rice and produced by Jared Keim. The track is the follow-up to Alexander’s “Bourbon Street” and “Mess Me Up.” Before that, the artist, who has thus far logged over 65 million collective streams, released viral hits “Trying Not To” with Alana Springsteen and “Between You and Me,” a duet with Ashley Cooke.

Of “One Tequila,” Alexander says he became hooked upon first listen. He also compared the song to the likes of Joe Nichols’ “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” which went No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

“When I first heard the demo of ‘One Tequila’ I realized my buddy Adam Sanders was a writer on it. I immediately wanted to cut it – it sounded like a hit, and I felt the way I did the first time I heard the final mix of ‘Between You & Me,’” Alexander shares. “I could see crowds singing it back to me at live shows, hopefully, a few tequilas in. I really love 90’s and 2000’s country, and thought this was like a refreshed version of Joe Nichols’ ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off’ – equally sexy and current for today, but also with a bit more of a party flare.”

Roman Alexander; Photo by Destiny Keller
Roman Alexander; Photo by Destiny Keller

“One Tequila” will appear on Alexander’s upcoming EP DOWNTIME, which is set for release on June 16. Take a look at the tracklisting for DOWNTIME below.

DOWNTIME Tracklist:

  1. Yours (Josh Thompson, Matt Dragstrem)
  2. Mess Me Up (Roman Alexander, Josh Kerr, Jordan Minton)
  3. Downtime (Brett Tyler, Mark Holman, Colton Pack, Garrett Nichols, Zach Beeken)
  4. Bourbon Street (Roman Alexander, Jared Keim, Allison Veltz)
  5. Fried Green Tomatoes (Josh Kerr, Jessie Dillon, Chase McGill)
  6. One Tequila (Adam Sanders, Lynn Hutton, Jacob Rice)
  7. Guys Like Me (Roman Alexander, Jared Keim, Jenn Schott)
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