Independent Artist Alexandra Kay Overjoyed As Her Emotional Ballad ‘Everleave’ Debuts On SiriusXM

Kay thanked for fans for supporting her leading up to this milestone moment.


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January 4, 2024

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Alexandra Kay hears herself on the radio for the first time.

Alexandra Kay has kickstarted 2024 by crossing off a major goal off her dream board. While sitting in her car, the independent female artist got to experience hearing her voice on SiriusXM’s The Highway for the very first time. The tune that came through the speakers was “Everleave,” an incredibly personal story about heartbreak that appears on Kay’s debut album All I’ve Ever Known.

Once the delicate melody of the track began, Kay was greeted with intense shock as she confirmed it was in fact her emotions and her story that was being played over the airwaves. “Wait this is my song,” she said with excitement. Then instinctively Kay began singing along to the first lines of the chorus, “Maybe I can hurt forever if it keeps you happy / ‘Cause there are days I think we’ll be alright…”

See Her Priceless Reaction

Near the end of the clip, Kay turned to the camera and spoke directly to the fans as she said “the only reason why this stuff happens is because you guys listen to my music, because you have streamed this song five million times in a month and a half, because you guys call your radio stations, because you make it happen for me. I’m completely independent, I don’t get any of this without you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me, thank you SiriusXM for giving me a shot. I love you guys and I’m in shock,” she admitted with a wide smile on her face. 

In her caption, Kay further emphasized the impact of this moment as it means she was able to prove all the people wrong who made her feel as though a “sad ballad” released by an independent artist would never make it on the air. 

Opening Up About Divorce On Her Debut Album

Alexandra Kay, All I've Ever Known Album Art; Photo by Daniel Shippey
Alexandra Kay, All I’ve Ever Known Album Art; Photo by Daniel Shippey

Fans got to see a whole new side to Alexandra Kay’s artistry in October 2023 when she unleased songs like “Everleave,” “I Hate Airplanes,” “I Can Do Anything,” and more on her debut album, All I’ve Ever Known. This collection of songs serves as Kay’s open and honest conversation about her recent divorce. 

The project begins with “Painted Him Perfect” before flowing into “Everleave,” which the Waterloo, IL native has previously dubbed the “biggest song of my career.” It was penned by Kay with Lauren Weintraub and pulls heavily on the heartstrings as it showcases the pain the singer/songwriter was feeling as she realized she was no longer happy in her relationship.

While she has admitted it was an incredibly difficult song to write, it has also turned out to be one of the “biggest songs” of her career because of the impact it has had on fans who can relate to the painful narrative. The comment sections of Kay’s socials have become filled with supporting messages of people who understand what it’s like to feel afraid to break free of a relationship, despite knowing that the partnership is no longer healthy. 

“This song tales the story of how I felt the last 10 years of marriage,” one fan wrote while another said “Comforting to know that we weren’t alone. Stay strong. One and all. ❤️.”

Listen To “Everleave”

YouTube video

Reflecting On 2023

On Tuesday, Kay took the time to expand upon the ups and down’s she had in 2023 that made it both “the best” and the “most challenging” year of her life. Her experience poured out through a long message on X, starting with the top of 2023 when she felt “shattered, lost, confused and lonely” as she had just entered a new and unfamiliar chapter of life. 

“I was living alone for the first time in my entire life as a 31 year old woman in the middle of divorce trying desperately to figure out who I am and what went wrong. I dove head first in to my work and stayed as busy as possible. I smiled ear to ear on some of the biggest red carpets with the shiniest of stars and I traveled the world and sang lyrics at the top of my lungs that told the story that I was not only okay.. but that I was happy, but I was anything but happy,” she shared.

Kay went on to explain that she eventually found healing through songwriting and ended up building her debut album over the course of six months.

Alexandra Kay; Photo Courtesy Facebook
Alexandra Kay; Photo Courtesy Facebook

“I had not the slightest idea the effect this album would have on my heart and on my life. I’m not only talking about reaching the top of the iTunes and multiple billboard charts and a nearly sold out tour BUT this record put my heart back together again,” she continued. “Every night I listened to you all scream these words so loud I couldn’t hear myself, I cried on stage and you cried in my arms at the meet and greets and we, together became stronger every single night. I have come to the realization that I don’t regret anything that has happened in my life. If every time I stumbled, if every time my heart broke it meant I was on the path to right NOW, I would do it all over again..if it meant I would create this album and help myself and so many others find peace and understanding.”

To wrap things up, she once again said a big thank you to her fans for showing up and being her support system and shared her hope that 2024 will be a year of “happiness, music, love, Jesus, family and gratitude.”

On Tour

Alexandra Kay wrapped up her headlining run, the All I’ve Ever Known: The Tour in December and is preparing to embark on a series of individual shows. 

She will head to the UK and Germany for performances throughout February and March before returning to the U.S. to sing at festivals such as Bulls, Bands, and Barrels 2024, Country Thunder, and Tailgate N’ Tallboys Iowa 2024. 

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