Jordan Davis Serenades His 8-Month-Old Daughter With ‘Detours’

Jordan Davis - Detours 1
Jordan Davis and Eloise Larkin; Photo via YouTube

Jordan Davis recently shared an acoustic version of his latest single, “Detours,” featuring an adorable appearance by his 8-month-old daughter, Eloise Larkin.

The just-released clip features Davis sitting on the floor of Eloise’s nursery explaining the story behind the song and how her mother influenced the lyrics. He goes on to perform the sweet tune as she stares up at him and reaches for his acoustic guitar as he sings.

Click below to watch.

Written by Davis alongside his brother Jacob Davis and Dave Turnbull, “Detours” quickly became a fan-favorite afer Davis performed the song during his live shows. The reflective track finds the rising star looking back on life and acknowledging how all of the turns and detours we take end up leading us to where we’re all meant to be.

“Yeah, I lost my way/ Damn near lost my mind/ Pedal to the metal let the devil lead me blind I was way outside the lines/ Yeah and I got way off track/ Took some wrong turns lookin’ back/ It’s been one helluva ride in my rearview/ And I thank the good Lord/ For the detours/ To you,” Davis sings throughout the chorus.

The track is featured on Davis’ recently released self-titled EP, which is available to stream now.

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