Kane Brown is ‘Excited’ after Daughter Reaches New Milestone and He’s ‘Not Missing One Second’

Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of @KaneBrown_Music on Instagram
Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of @KaneBrown_Music on Instagram
Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of @KaneBrown_Music on Instagram

In a recent interview with Kelly Ford of Radio.com, live from his wife’s closest, Kane Brown revealed how he met his wife Katelyn Brown, shared his daughter’s latest milestone and more.

“She [Kingsley] finally found her tongue, so she keeps her tongue out all the time,” Brown explained on his daughter’s latest milestone. “I’m waiting for her first words. She ain’t got to that point yet, but she’s almost crawling.”

Brown has been forced off the road due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, allowing him to spend more time at home with family. The superstar says he’s “excited to be able to witness it all..”

“The blessing for me is just getting to see everything that she does,” Brown gushed.  “I’m not missing one second.”

Additionally, Brown elaborated on life during quarantine telling host Kelly Ford, “I’ve just been hanging out with my kid and my wife, riding four-wheelers in the woods, been walking on our trails and playing a lot of video games.”

Brown has also been keeping busy making hilarious TikToks with his wife and even participated in a hilarious newlywed challenge with fellow superstars Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and radio host Chuck Wicks.

In the last two months, Brown has unveiled two new singles from his forthcoming new album, including the John Legend duet “Last Time I Say Sorry” and his latest single to country radio, “Cool Again.