Lee Brice and Sara Reeveley’s Love Story Is Straight Out of a ‘Storybook’

Lee Brice and Sara Reeveley were meant to be together. “We met in a storybook way,” Brice told The Boot…


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April 21, 2020

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Sara Brice and Lee Brice; Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Lee Brice and Sara Reeveley were meant to be together.

“We met in a storybook way,” Brice told The Boot in 2011. “I was walking on North Myrtle Beach one night, when I was there on vacation. I was around 18 years old, and it was just me and a few buddies, and we were looking for girls.”

Brice found what he was looking for when Sara happened to walk by.

“It was raining and dark, so no one was on the beach, and then this girl walks by in this big ol’ sweatshirt, and you can’t tell if she’s attractive or not. Just as she walked by, the light hit her just right, and I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous,’” he recalled. “So I said to my buddies, ‘If she turns around, I’m going to go walk back to her.’ I looked back, and the next thing I know, she’s turned around, so I went after her. We sat down on the beach and talked, then I went and got my guitar and played songs for her on beach.”

Despite the distance between them, he lived in South Carolina and she lived in Ohio at the time, the pair began to date. Their relationship fell apart and they eventually dated other people but remained friends.

Several years later, Brice phoned Reeveley while he was in Ohio on tour. Things picked up right where they left off. The couple began dating and their first child, Takoda, was born in 2008.

Many fans expected an engagement to follow, but Brice and Reeveley didn’t rush down the aisle.

“We didn’t get married right away because we didn’t want to do that just because we had a baby,” Brice explained. “If we got married, we wanted to do it for the right reasons.”

In 2012, when Takoda was 3-years-old, Brice proposed to Reeveley while vacationing in Key West, Florida. The country star surprised his longtime love by getting down on one knee while they were getting ready to go out for dinner.

“I walked around the corner [and] acted like I was putting on my bracelet, saying, ‘Hey, I think I may wear my rings tonight,’ and asked her if she would wear one,” Brice explained to US Weekly. “I pulled hers out of my hand, got down on one knee and asked her.”

The pair opted for an intimate wedding, tying the knot in front of a small group of friends and family in Branson, Missouri on April 21, 2013.

The country star put his songwriting chops on display for the wedding, performing what would become one of the biggest radio hits of his career – “I Don’t Dance.”

“It’s the most personal thing I’ve written ever,” Brice told People of the song. “It was for my wife for our first dance at our wedding. And it wasn’t even supposed to be really a song on the record. It was nothing about that, it was just for Sara.”

When he realized just how big of a hit the song could potentially be, he decided to release it as a single.

“The song, on top of the fact that it’s personal, it just turned out magic,” Brice, who co-wrote “I Don’t Dance” with Rob Hatch and Dallas Davidson. “I’m a tough guy, a big guy, but I have a soft heart. Sara was okay with me sharing it with the world.”

The Brice family expanded in December 2013 with the addition of their son, Ryker. A little girl named Trulee arrived in the summer of 2017.

Their hearts (and home) may be full, but they aren’t ruling out having more kids.

“For now, we feel settled and blessed with our three healthy, beautiful children,” Sara told People. “We’ve always left that part up to God, though, so you never know!”

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