Luke Bryan Tributes Fans, Family & Faith In New ‘Born Here, Live Here, Die Here’ Video

Luke Bryan; Photo by Jim Wright
Luke Bryan; Photo by Jim Wright
Luke Bryan; Photo by Jim Wright
"The second I heard the song it just felt so real for me," he says.

To accompany the release of his new studio album, Luke Bryan unveiled a music video for the album’s title track on Friday (Aug. 7).

The black-and-white clip showcases Bryan’s family, fans and faith and offers a rare glimpse into his life on and off the stage, proving how his hometown of Leesburg, Georiga helped to shape him into the man, artist and father he is today.

“’Born Here, Live Here, Die Here,’ the song just paints such a beautiful picture of rural life and a rural mindset. Every line in that song really tells that small town life and it talks to that person that is proud of that small town life – they don’t need to go look for anywhere else, they’re happy, they’re content, they got everything they want right there and there’s something really really special about those types of people,” Bryan shares of the song, which was co-written by Jake Mitchell, Jameson Rodgers and Josh Thompson. “And the second I heard the song it just felt so real for me, and it told a story, a big story in my life cause there were many, many years I was that guy that was gonna be born there, live there, and never leave. So, somehow, I left and become a country music singer, but I still love to sing about those topics.”

Bryan’s new album features 10 tracks, including the previous chart-topping hits “One Margarita,” “What She Wants Tonight” and “Knockin’ Boots.” BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE also includes the emotional “Build Me a Daddy,” a heartfelt song that resonated with his fanbase immediately.

“I want my albums to reflect all forms of life,” Bryan says. “No matter what’s going on in the world, I want to treat my albums with bringing everybody to the party. I try to share who I am and make music my fans can relate to, but still push some envelopes. I want it to be a look into my world, take ‘em somewhere. Let ‘em have some fun. No matter who you are as a human being, I’m visualizing how you’ll react when you hear this music.”

Click above to watch the brand new music video and HERE to purchase/stream BORN HERE LIVE HERE DIE HERE.

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