Maren Morris Recalls Her Early Years: ‘I’ve Had A Lot Of Doors Shut On My Face’

Maren Morris is having an incredible week. Over the weekend, she shared the stage with one of her heroes and…


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August 1, 2019

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Maren Morris; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Maren Morris is having an incredible week. Over the weekend, she shared the stage with one of her heroes and earlier this week, she celebrated her third No.1 single when “Girl” reached the top of the charts.

To top it off, Morris is the subject of Harper’s Bazaar‘s first-ever music documentary. In the nearly nine-minute-long clip, the superstar gets candid about the early stages of her career and holds nothing back when it comes to talking about the struggles women in country music continue to face.

Morris, who is now headlining her very own sold-out tour, recalled the “shitty honky-tonks” she used to play in where she was “essentially background music.” Working her way up the ranks, everything changed for Morris almost overnight when she independently released the song “My Church.”

“I definitely had dues to pay, and I’ve had a lot of doors shut on my face, but one song can change everything, and that’s what happened with ‘My Church,’” she shared of her debut hit.

The Texas native went on to discuss her rise to fame as her manager, her mother, her husband and fellow artist Ryan Hurd and even Keith Urban chimed in to share their thoughts on Morris’ record-breaking career.

The singer/songwriter even opened up about being the most played women at country radio over the past two years and the struggles that she and her female peers are facing.

“I don’t know why me and not them,” she admits.

That’s why she chose to put her money where her mouth is and try to do something about it by bringing only females out on her Girl: The World Tour.

“Okay, if [radio] is not going to play these girls, then I’m going to bring them out on the road with me and thousands of people are going to be seeing them sing these songs every night,” she shared. “And little by little, the dial is going to shift for the better.”

For more with Maren Morris, check out the video above.

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