New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

Country artists are ready to amplify stages across the country this summer. And that couldn’t be more clear as several…


Melinda Lorge

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July 5, 2021

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George Birge, Brittney Spencer, Keith Urban, Breland, Tyler Braden (1)

Country artists are ready to amplify stages across the country this summer. And that couldn’t be more clear as several of them have been rolling out new music each week.

This month, listeners will find country artists becoming even more innovative, bringing new sounds into the genre, and combining their talents with other artists to make epic musical collaborations.

Rising star BRELAND teams with Keith Urban on a dance-ready country anthem that’s tailor-made for the club, while artists like Brittney Spencer take a more lyrical approach, sharing a song that focuses on the battles that people sometimes face in romantic relationships.

For anyone looking to update their country playlist, look no further. Country Now has everything readers need to get through the rest of the month right here!

Here are eight new songs you should be listening to right now.

“Throw It Back” – BRELAND and Keith Urban

BRELAND and Urban take turns using clever lyrics to sing the story of drunk love in the ear-grabbing new collaboration, “Throw It Back.” The intoxicating track, featuring a dance club beat and plenty of banjos, showcases the Aussie’s signature charismatic style and charm alongside BRELAND’s authentic genre-bending sound, making it a perfect selection for a summer jam!

This certainly isn’t the first collaboration between the Bad Realm Records / Atlantic Records breakout talent and Urban. BRELAND previously was featured on “Out The Cage” and “Soul Food,” both of which are included on Urban’s 2020 album, The Speed of Now Part 1.

Stream the track HERE

“I Wish You Would” – Ross Ellis

Ellis paints a picture of lost lust and the desires and feelings that come along with wanting to return to a once passionate-filled romance in his new heartbreak track aptly titled, “I Wish You Would.”

Written by Ellis alongside Michael Whitworth and Dan Fernandez, “I Wish You Would” is the Louisiana-born singer’s first offering in almost a year. The tongue-in-cheek tune follows Ellis’ summer of 2020 track, “Love Blind.”

Stream the track HERE.

“Beer Beer, Truck Truck” – George Birge

George Birge doesn’t mind waiting on the love of his life in “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.” Showing his patience for a girl who left the small town life to follow her dreams and live in the city, the singer/songwriter tells his lost love that she’s always got a place to come back to with the catchy hook, “I’ll be here waiting on ya, out here in the country.”

Interestingly enough, the inspiration for “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” didn’t come from a breakup. Birge came up with the idea for the song after receiving some advice from Clay Walker. The country legend advised Birge to start a TikTok account. And, when he did, he came across a viral video by a person named Erynn Chambers. She was pointing out how male country artists often sing using the words “Beer beer, truck truck, girls in tight jeans.” Acknowledging Chambers, Birge changed up the meaning of the song and along came “Beer Beer, Truck Truck.”

Stream the track HERE

“Ways To Miss You” – Tyler Braden

Some people have a tough time dealing with the pain of a breakup. And that’s the message that Tyler Braden is sharing in his latest uptempo track, “Ways To Miss You.” In the country-rock song, Braden tries drowning his sorrows in various drinks before setting flames to old photos. But, no matter what he does, he still can’t seem to move on from an ex-girlfriend.

“It’s an upbeat, in-your-face song about a heavy-hearted subject we can all relate to,” Braden said in a press release of the song he co-wrote with Mark Holman and Michael Whitworth. “Anytime you lose someone, you’re going to have people around you who are doing their best to help you through it and telling you how to get over that person, but we all learn in our own way that nothing helps but time. There’s no shortcut and no best-kept secrets in getting over someone, and that’s the story I’m hoping to share with this one. And it never hurts to introduce a little tempo into a tough time.”

Stream the track HERE

“Sober & Skinny – Brittney Spencer

Following her solidifying debut “Compassion,” Brittney Spencer returns with another emotionally charged song. Getting brutally honest, she flaunts her angelic vocals over a delicate melody in “Sober & Skinny.” The tune finds Spencer showing vulnerability as she sings of a couple who fixates on each other’s imperfections, pointing out each other’s flaws.

“’Cause you over drink, and I overeat / We’re underthinking everything / And every night, we swear it’s gonna change,” Spencer sings before heading into a hopeful chorus. “But in a perfect world / You get sober / I get skinny, we live off of more than pennies / Writing checks that we can cash, keeping all our promises.”

Stream the track HERE

“Nobody’s More Country” – Blanco Brown

“The Git Up” sensation Blanco Brown shows off his country-loving spirit in his energetic new song, “Nobody’s More Country.” Paying tribute to his Georgia roots and the simple country lifestyle that he loves, Brown drops words like “pickup trucks” and “daisy dukes” over acoustic guitar and signature spoon rhythms before going into a catchy breakdown.

Brown wrote “Nobody’s More Country” with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and songwriters Jordan Schmidt and Quintin Amey. “Nobody’s More Country” is Brown’s first release following his 2020 head-on collision, which nearly took his life. While in recovery mode, Brown turned to music and is expected to continue to share new material with fans throughout 2021.

Stream the track HERE

“Beer With My Friends” – Shy Carter, Cole Swindell and David Lee Murphy

Shy Carter raises a glass with Cole Swindell and David Lee Murphy on his summer-ready anthem, “Beer With My Friends.” Bringing back sounds of the ‘90s and dusting of terms like ‘neon’ and ‘jukebox,’ the traditional-leaning party tune finds the three artists singing about having a good time with the people they’re closest to. Listeners will find “Beer With My Friends” to be a suitable choice for getting the country-style party started, as it features a chorus tailor-made for singing along too.

“Right now, I really need a beer with my friends / Pop a top or two and talk about way back when / With some folks that seen me through thick and thin / Start seeing life through a rose-colored neon lens,” they sing.

Stream the track HERE.

“Love Is Real” – Morgan Evans

Evans brings free and easy vibes in his upbeat new track “Love Is Real.” The song features thumping guitar and a heartbeat rhythm and has the Aussie singing all about taking the road with the one he loves.

“Love Is Real” is Evans’ first release since 2010, and he co-penned the track with Jordan Reynolds and Parker Welling. Fans will hear “Love Is Real” live this summer, as Evans will join labelmate Brett Eldredge on the 2021 Good Day Tour.

Stream the track HERE.


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