New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Carter Faith, Kylie Morgan, Mackenzie Carpenter, & More

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September 6, 2023

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Carter Faith, Kylie Morgan, Mackenzie Carpenter; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

Pryor Baird – “Chasin’ Shadows” 

Pryor Baird finds himself haunted by the ghostly memories of his ex in a new heartbreak ballad titled “Chasin’ Shadows.” The Black River artist commands the soulful tune with the addicting rasp of his vocals that blends seamlessly with the epic guitar riffs and hypnotic drumbeats. Throughout the painful narrative, the rising star admits he feels trapped and unable to escape his own mind as he reflects on the partner who’s already left their mark on his life. Written by Baird alongside Jason Gantt and Scott Stepakoff and produced by Doug Johnson and Bobby Terry, “Chasin’ Shadows” offers listeners another taste of what’s to come from the multi-talented guitarist, songwriter, and artist. 

“I’m chasin’ shadows on the wall / It’s like this house is haunted / Can’t wrap my arms around it / Can’t put my finger on it / They say outta sight, outta mind / Since you left I’m goin’ outta mine / Don’t matter if the lights are on or off / I’m chasin’ shadows on the wall,” he sings on the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Morgan Myles – “Vertigo”

In Morgan Myles’ new release, “Vertigo,” she shows off her powerhouse vocals throughout the tune that finds her spellbound by the charm of a “dangerous” love interest. With the help of fellow songwriters Dillon Deskin, Nate Dodge and Scott Reeves, Myles crafted a driving force full of hazy guitar licks, steady drumbeats, and colorful electric guitars that surround her efforts to control her love-induced dizziness.  

“It was the way you grabbed my hand, said ‘we should slow dance’ / A sunset, two silhouettes, wrapped in calloused hands / You’re dangerous, I like it, but I just don’t understand / I wanna help myself but I can’t / My vertigo / No self control / Loving you got me so dizzy / I don’t know what hit me / I don’t usually fall face down on the floor / My vertigo,” she sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Grant Gilbert – “Turn It Down” 

River House Artist, Grant Gilbert offers fans a whole new side to his artistry with the release of his steamy single, “Turn It Down.” What starts off as a lover’s spat quickly heats up to a provocative portrayal of a couple who melts their bad days away by going “to town tonight without even going out.” The passionate narrative and burning melody take listeners on a journey of desire through Gilbert’s husky vocals as he sings “All the bitchin’ and complainin’ / Just up and goes away when / We’re shaking the foundation of this house / So lay that lovin’ on me.”

“Turn It Down” was produced by Jonathan Singleton and co-written by country superstar Lainey Wilson with Driver Williams, and Arkady Gelman. 

“This song is different than the tracks I’ve cut before. It’s moody, bluesy, and has an edge,” says Gilbert. “I’m excited to show the fans a new side of myself. ‘Turn It Down’ has a lot of soul and I was excited at the response I got when we teased the track on TikTok. It will be fun to see where it takes us.”

Stream the track HERE.

Carter Faith – “Carolina Burns”

Rising singer/songwriter Carter Faith continues to impress with the release of her latest song, “Carolina Burns.” 

Faith’s gift for storytelling shines brightly as she reflects on heartbreak, using descriptive lyrics that craft a vivid portrayal of young love in the listener’s imagination.

“Carolina Burns’ is one of those songs that I always knew I had to write, almost like it was living inside of me and clawing its way out a little,” she shared. “It’s a song about my first heartbreak and not being able to shake the people, places and memories in your past, even though you couldn’t be farther away from them.” 

The North Carolina native co-wrote “Carolina Burns” with Lauren Hungate and Tofer Brown.

Stream the track HERE.

Pillbox Patti – “Die A Redneck”

Pillbox Patti wants to “Die A Redneck” and her latest release proves it. 

Out now, “Die A Redneck” finds the singer/songwriter crooning over her love for her country roots as she declares, “No matter how rich I live/ Still gonna be a broke ass bitch / Even with / A couple commas on a paycheck/ I was born to die a redneck.” 

The song was written by Pillbox Patti (as Nicolette Hayford) with Chris Tompkins and Craig Wiseman, and produced by Tompkins and Park Chisolm.

Stream the track HERE

Parmalee – “Boyfriend”

Parmalee is giving fans a taste of what’s to come on their extended album For You 2, which set to release on Friday, September 22, with the debut of the brand-new track, “Boyfriend.” 

The just-released tune was written by Parmalee lead singer Matt Thomas, alongside producer David Fanning, and hitmakers Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Michael Hardy and Hunter Phelps. 

“You’re in love with a girl who’s getting treated badly and all you can think is if she was yours, you would treat her right and put a ring on her finger,” Thomas explains of the song. “The melody and production has a bit of a Country-Punk vibe, and I think it’s going to add some fun energy and attitude to our set.”

Stream the track HERE.

Mackenzie Carpenter – “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)” 

In honor of the upcoming 40th anniversary of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” Mackenzie Carpenter has rerecorded the iconic tune and added her own countrified flare. With the addition of the fiddle and a boost of honky tonk rhythms, Carpenter created what she calls, “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun).” The boot-stomping tune makes for the perfect female party anthem as the rising country star’s spunky vocals mimic the same wittiness and fun of the original version, which was written solely by Robert Hazard and produced by Rick Chertoff. 

“Want a cowboy to take my hand and boot scoot and two-step me to a cover band,” sings Carpenter. “I’ll whiskey wink, he’ll think that he stands a chance, and kiss him just because country girls just wanna have fun.”

Stream the track HERE.

Kylie Morgan – “Making It Up As I Go”

Kylie Morgan announced plans to release her debut album, Making It Up As I Go, on October 13 and shared the title track with fans ahead of its release. 

“This album is for the in-betweeners. The ones who pretend to have it all figured out but are still finding out where they want to go, who they want to be, and how to get there. Whether you’re a child who’s supposed to feel like a teenager, a teenager who’s supposed to feel like a grown up or a grown up that still feels like a child. We’re all just doing our best and I hope this is the soundtrack to your journey. Cause if we’re all being honest… we’re just makin’ it up as we go,” she shared in a statement. 

The new song was co-written by Morgan with KK Johnson and Jordan Minton.

Stream the track HERE.

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