New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now From Chris Lane, Catie Offerman, Tyler Booth & More

It’s time to update your country music playlist!


Madeleine O’Connell

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August 21, 2023

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Chris Lane, Catie Offerman, Tyler Booth; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new music releases of the week. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Chris Lane – “Find Another Bar

Chris Lane’s new song, “Find Another Bar,” delivers a fresh take on a heartbreak-ridden tune as it depicts the feeling of losing not one, but two important things you love after a breakup. Co-written by Lane with Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach, the heart-pounding rhythm tells the story from the perspective of an unlucky guy who wishes his ex would find a new hangout spot so they can stop running into each other. “Find Another Bar” marks the first look into Lane’s highly anticipated EP to be released on his newly announced label home, Jay DeMarcus’ Red Street Records in partnership with his latest endeavor Voyager Records. Additionally, the mid-tempo tune featuring the multi-platinum country star’s swoon-worthy vocals is set to impact country radio on Monday, August 21. 

“I’ve been waiting on this day for a long time and excited to have the first one of many to come this year finally out!” Lane shared via press release. “I wrote ‘Find Another Bar’ with Josh Thompson and Justin Ebach trying to find a different way to write a breakup song and I’m proud of how it turned out! I know there will be a lot of people who can relate to it.”

Stream the track HERE.

Boy Named Banjo – “Lonely In This Town”

Boy Named Banjo showcase their signature blend of Americana roots and country music influences through their latest release, “Lonely In This Town.” The new tune penned by members Barton Davies and William Reames with Chris Stevens and Marv Green, perfectly captures the thoughts of a reflective late-night drive where freedom and loneliness are found battling in wistful harmonies. The stripped-down yet upbeat instrumentals bring a boost of serotonin into the heavy-hearted storytelling. Alongside this release, Boy Named Banjo has announced their major label debut album Dusk, which is set to drop September 29 via Mercury Records Nashville.

“I’ve always felt like ‘Lonely In This Town’ is best enjoyed driving with the windows down in your car,” shares banjo player Barton Davies. “The music feels uplifting and euphoric with the three-part harmonies and steady groove, but then the lyrics come in and give the complete opposite vibe. It’s almost like you’re lonely but you’re happy about it. I love that duality in the song.”

Stream the track HERE.

Jon Langston – “Day In the 90’s” 

Things are heating up in Jon Langston’s music catalog with the addition of his new song, “Day In the 90’s.” The 32 Bridge Entertainment / EMI Records Nashville recording artist celebrates the warm air, blue-sky days that can only be made better with some ‘90s country blasting through the speakers while cruising down the lake. The summer anthem evokes a volume-up kind of feeling with the beat-thumping bass, twang-filled melody and double-meaning lyrics that pay homage to traditional country greats like Alan Jackson, Georgia Strait, and Deana Carter. Co-penned by Langston with Jody Stevens, Jordan Walker, and Chris Miller, “Day In the 90’s” also reveals the sneak peek at Langston’s debut full-length albumHeart On Ice, out September 8. 

“Everyone loves a good ‘90s song,” shares Langston. “It feels like you’re out on the boat drinking a beer with your friends, and I love those kinds of songs. That’s the way I am – I can be serious, but I can have a good time, too. It feels just like the title sounds.”

Stream the track HERE.

Tyler Booth – “G.O.B. by the G.O.G.”

Kentucky-born songsmith Tyler Booth keeps his humble beginnings close in his newest release titled, “G.O.B. by the G.O.G.” The new song penned by Booth with Wesley Davis and Russell Sutton stands for “good ol’ boy by the grace of God” and is set to appear on the rising star’s Keep It Real EP, which will arrive on September 15. With a whole lot of heart and a gritty, backroad sound, Booth highlights the charm of being a good ol’ boy from a small-town, blue-collar working lifestyle.  

 “One of the cool things about country music is it sheds light on things that people not necessarily look past but don’t acknowledge. It could be the simplest things like loving somebody or getting your heart broke, but ‘G.O.B. by the G.O.G.’ sheds light on a way of life,” Booth said of the track. “I wanted to write a song that was the anthem of the way me and everybody that I grew up around in Kentucky live and how we see things.”

Stream the track HERE.

Cody Hibbard – “Bend”

Cody Hibbard’s new release, “Bend” salutes to his past as a Naval Academy cadet. Although this chapter of his life came to an end as a result of an injury, it brought a new journey as a singer/songwriter with the ability to impact people’s lives through music. Within this self-written song, the rising artist compares a willow tree’s ability to bend rather than break amongst the strongest of winds to the resilience found among those in the military who spend long, hard days away from their families. Using his devoted storytelling skills, Hibbard draws from his compassion and understanding of those who still serve to deliver an emotionally charged tune.

“‘Bend’ shows the bond between someone who has gone through chaos and the person that gets them through everything,” Hibbard shares. “It’s a song about vulnerability and admitting that sometimes the only thing to do is to ask for help.”

Stream the track HERE.

Catie Offerman – “Ask Me To Dance” Feat. Hayes Carll

Catie Offerman’s distinctive voice and playful personality come to light in her new duet “Ask Me To Dance” featuring fellow Texas native, Hayes Carll. After multiple rescheduled writing sessions, Offerman, Brent Cobb, and Neil Medley finally found the time to come together over a sunset and some beer to write the smooth track that provokes listeners to put on their boots, grab a partner and hit the dance floor. Between the laid-back steel guitar, lighthearted lyrics, and the country artists’ fluid harmonies, “Ask Me To Dance” enforces an irresistible night of fun. 

“I love listening back to the work tape – it’s the best kind of laid back, and it reminds me of a Texas dancehall at closing time,” said Offerman. “When we started talking about the song going on my (upcoming) project, I immediately thought of Hayes. He’s one of my favorite singer-songwriters and one of my favorite Texans. I am so grateful that he said yes to being a part of this song.”

“Catie is so ridiculously talented, and I loved the wit and playfulness of this song, so when she asked if I would sing on it with her, I said yes straight away,” added Carll. “We had a lot of fun recording the song and I think it shows in the way it turned out.”

Stream the track HERE.

Brent Cobb – “When Country Came Back to Town

Brent Cobb holds nothing back as he unleashes his true feelings surrounding the changing sound of Country Music in the self-penned, “When Country Came Back To Town.” From start to end, this tune serves as a reflection of Cobb’s journey in the industry and the evolution that’s taken place over the years. With a sound reminiscent of a true country classic, he prompts listeners to heed his story that honors the musical legends who will never “go out of style” like Shooter Jennings, Jamey Johnson, Jason “Rowdy” Cope, Leroy Powell and more. Towards the end of the tune, Cobb also makes note of the modern singer/songwriters such as Miranda Lambert, Chris and Morgane Stapleton and Kasey Musgraves who he believes have kept the roots of country alive among the current generation.  

“When Country Came Back to Town” is the latest song unveiled from Cobb’s anticipated new album, Southern Star, which will be released September 22 via Ol’ Buddy Records/Thirty Tigers.

“Beyond the pickups and the backroads, you could almost hear it play / Though it was softer than a whisper through the pines Some say it never left, some say that it got saved Some say, like everything, it changes over time Well all I know for certain is I’m glad I was around When country came back to town Oh, when country came back to town,” Cobb sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

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