Q&A: Stephanie Quayle Opens Up About New Era of Music and Latest Single, ‘By Heart’

Stephanie Quayle has always taken inspiration for new music from her own life experiences. And, she’s never been afraid to…


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February 25, 2021


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Stephanie Quayle has always taken inspiration for new music from her own life experiences. And, she’s never been afraid to share what’s on her mind, even when it comes to topics like love.

Fans get a heavy dose of Quayle’s affectionate side in her recently released track, “By Heart.” The dreamy song, produced by respected Nashville producer Alex Kline, and recorded almost entirely virtually over the last 12 months, finds Quayle wanting to know more about the man she’s head over heels about.

“This song [By Heart] is simply complex. Love is supposed to be simple, and it’s also very complex…What’s interesting about [this song], is that, to me, it symbolizes the beginning of my relationship with my husband, but also, through the course of these last months, I’ve gotten to know him in ways that I never expected,” the Bozeman, Montana native and wife of David Couch, says in her bio, posted on her official website. “It’s that curiosity of wanting to know everything about the person you love; from start to, well, forever.”

Loaded with western-infused sounds that reflect where Quayle grew up, “By Heart” offers fans an introduction to a new era of music from Quayle, as she continues to evolve and grow as an artist. With “By Heart” under her belt, Quayle is excited to see where the next chapter takes her in her musical journey.

Quayle caught up with Country Now to chat about her latest single, relationship with her husband, and what lies ahead for the future.

Read on to find out more about Quayle and “By Heart” in this exclusive Q&A below.

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“By Heart” is an outside song. What, in particular, about this song spoke to you to want to release it?

The lyrics had me at first listen. Words that have been said set to an infectious melody made it easy to fall in love with. I have to be all in. A song needs to change my chemistry to choose something I didn’t write myself. There’s no halfway with me. I’m all in or not at all.

What does this song mean to you?

It’s brought about a whole new level of curiosity about my relationship. It’s snapshots of wherever you are at the beginning, somewhere in the middle or 50 years. There’s always more to learn about the one you love. That’s the good stuff.

You recorded ”By Heart” almost entirely virtually. Can you tell me about that process?

Grateful. Grateful for working with such incredible creators and taking a leap of faith in a process we were unsure of together. Once inside it, we knew we could keep going. Controlling what we could in such an uncontrolled time with so many challenges. It gave us some normalcy to be making music in an unprecedented time.

Since this song is about learning everything about that someone you love, is there anything you’ve recently learned in your relationship with your husband?

So many things. I could write a trilogy. I love it. And I look forward to all that is yet to unfold. I love learning [about] him. And I’m not in a hurry. Like finding out he had another jersey number I never knew about… because who knew he played basketball too! It’s all rolling out perfectly. From basketball to roller skates!

How does “By Heart” compare to your previous releases?

The greatest difference is being off the road. Normally, we take a song to the fans first at the shows to share and observe how they impact hearts. This all had to happen virtually.

What message do you want fans to take away from this song?

Love is a beautiful run-on sentence of unknowns and finding outs.

In what ways have you had to adjust your creative process since being in quarantine?

This unexpected gift of time has impacted my creative process greatly. I find myself embracing the idea that you have to live more to have more to write about and experience it to share it.

What has been the greatest part of your musical journey so far?

Being able to reflect and see earned milestones and know we’ve only just begun.

Can fans expect a full-length album from you this year?

What fans can expect is more music than ever before. The delivery system yet to be shared!

Any other projects you’re currently working on that you can share with us?

Many. And top-secret.

What benchmarks have you set for your career this year?

To release more music than ever before.

Are you optimistic about touring in 2021?

I’m optimistic that when touring comes back we will recognize how valuable and precious live music is. I believe there will be an even greater respect for our industry and the power of music. We have the ability to do more to heal more people through live music when we are back on the road.

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