Runaway June Debut Nostalgic ‘We Were Rich’ Music Video

Runaway June is bringing their nostalgia-filled single, “We Were Rich,” to life with the debut of a new music video….


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October 8, 2020

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Runaway June; Photo by CeCe Dawson

Runaway June is bringing their nostalgia-filled single, “We Were Rich,” to life with the debut of a new music video.

The Patrick Tracy-directed clip features Runaway June’s Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne, and Natalie Stovall and was filmed and sponsored by Stovall’s hometown of Columbia, TN.

“The first time I saw our music video I just started sobbing like a baby,” Stovall confessed. “I didn’t expect to get so emotional! It opens on the house I grew up in, features my parents and sweeps through intensely nostalgic moments, people, & places from my childhood and hometown. I couldn’t think of a more perfect visual love letter to the town that made me who I am! And the fact that this is my first music video with Runaway June just makes it even more special.”

“We Were Rich” marks the trio’s first radio single with new member Natalie Stovall. The heartwarming track celebrates the simple life and things that money cannot buy.

“We didn’t have it all but we all thought we did/ And Mama always said that we were blessed and I believed her/ I never thought the grass was greener/ On the other side of our old chain link fence/Yeah, We Were Rich,” they sing.

“’We Were Rich’ is probably our favorite song on the record and it’s been a long time coming, this one being a single,” says the trio’s Naomi Cooke. “We are so excited to finally be able to say that. It is a song about your childhood or your adolescence. It’s nostalgia reminiscing about back before you knew anything was wrong in the world, back before when you thought you had it all.”

“We Were Rich” follows the release of Runaway June’s record-breaking single, “Buy My Own Drinks,” which marked the first time a female trio reached the Top 5 on Mediabase Country chart since The Chicks in 2003.

Runaway June will release a five-track Christmas EP, When I Think About Christmas, on October 16.

Click above to watch the “We Were Rich” music video.

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