Sam Hunt Debuts ‘Young Once’ Music Video

Sam Hunt just debuted a cinematic music video for the song “Young Once” from his brand new album, Southside. The…


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April 16, 2020

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Sam Hunt; Photo Courtesy MCA Nashville

Sam Hunt just debuted a cinematic music video for the song “Young Once” from his brand new album, Southside.

The Tim Mattia-directed clip follows the story of a young couple who escape their seemingly abusive homes for life on the run. Skipping town by hitching a ride aboard a train, the pair embraces the nomadic lifestyle, sleeping on the streets and digging through dumpsters for food. Eventually, they make their way to the Southside motel, the fictional location where Hunt’s “Hard To Forget” music video takes place. They end up crossing paths with Hunt in a diner and then make their way to the ocean, which seems to signify that they’ve finally found their freedom.

Click above to watch the just-released clip.

Hunt co-wrote “Young Once” alongside Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins and Josh Osborne. The superstar recently opened up about his chart-topping album, offering some insight into the songwriting process.

On this record, I didn’t really have a clear well-defined message before I started writing the songs for the record,” he said. “I didn’t know what story I wanted to tell or how I wanted the songs to fit. I wanted to make a record with continuity within the record. I didn’t want to pull from older songs or piece together a record from songs written at a previous time in my life. I decided I wanted to write this record within a 12-month period, and I did that throughout the year 2019. Those are the songs that came from 12 months of writing. I ended up with more songs, but these are the ones that really, I feel like captured the year best.”

Southside debuted at the top of the Billboard Country Albums Chart this week, with sales over 45,900. Southside is the biggest country album debut of 2020 so far.

Hunt will celebrate the new album with his Southside Summer Tour, which has now been pushed back to a July 10 launch date due to the COIVD-19 pandemic. Click HERE to see an updated list of Hunt’s tour dates.

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