Thomas Rhett Had Boy Names Picked Out Prior To Learning Baby No.3 Was A Girl

Thomas Rhett shocked fans Tuesday with the surprise announcement that his wife, Lauren, is pregnant with the couple’s third child….


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July 24, 2019

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Thomas Rhett and Family; Photos via Instagram

Thomas Rhett shocked fans Tuesday with the surprise announcement that his wife, Lauren, is pregnant with the couple’s third child. The beloved couple shared the news with fans on Instagram and even revealed the baby’s gender with photos and videos from their backyard gender reveal party.

A day prior to the big announcement, Rhett sat down with Bobby Bones for an episode of the BobbyCast and let him in on the news a bit early (but don’t worry – Bones didn’t spill the beans!).

“Can we pause this,” Rhett asked in the middle of the interview. “We’re pregnant again and we’re releasing it tomorrow.  Is there any way you could save it for tomorrow?”

Bones happily obliged and Rhett went on to chat about becoming a father of three.

“Cool. So, we’re having another baby,” he said excitedly. “[It’s] pretty wild, man. And it’s a girl. Three girls…Just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier, we’re having another girl.”

The “Remember You Young” singer revealed that the baby is due February 3, 2020 and opened up about how their gender reveal went down. Thomas Rhett admits he was shocked to learn they were having another girl because he believed it was a boy all along.

“We did the blood test thing, where you can do the genetic testing.  You can find out the gender and all the stuff about your baby. So, yeah, we are having a girl, we found out yesterday,” he explained. “Our whole family came over and we shut off these cannons that either blow blue or pink colors.  My whole family was convinced it was a boy, like I already had boy names picked out. And we shot these cannons off and it was pink and I was like, ‘dear Lord, three weddings…three weddings!’”

The reigning ACM Awards Male Artist of the Year has always been open about the couple’s desire to have a big family and it appears nothing has changed.

“And we’re not even done,” he added. “Lauren wants to have five kids so, who knows?”

While he admits, they are “definitely focused” on this baby, Rhett said that he and Lauren hope to adopt again “whenever the time is right.” 

“Lauren’s number is five,” he explained. “I think when we get to five my wife will probably be like, we can do six. In my mind I’m going, ‘how are we going to do this? We’re gonna have to have nine tour buses for our girls on the road!’”

“But having girls, man, before I had kids I always thought I was the dad that was meant to have boys,” he admitted. “But now that I’ve had girls my heart has softened so much and I have never looked at anybody like I look at my girls. Like it is nuts, the emotion that you feel when you put your girl down to bed and say ‘alright, love you baby girl’ and they say ‘love you, daddy.’ It breaks your heart every single time. So in that aspect, I am beyond excited to have a baby girl but I do look forward to hopefully having a boy one day.”

Rhett and Bones also discussed a number of other topics, including dealing with negativity on social media, Rhett’s response to people telling him he’s “not country” and much more. Listen HERE.

Thomas Rhett will co-host CMA Fest with Kelsea Ballerini and special guest host Bobby Bones on Sunday, Aug. 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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