Watch Reyna Roberts Perform Her Original Tune ‘Raised Right’ On ‘America’s Got Talent’

Roberts racked in a slew of new fans with her unforgettable audition.


Madeleine O’Connell

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May 29, 2024


2:05 pm

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Reyna Roberts; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Rising country sensation Reyna Roberts delivered a standout performance of her original song, “Raised Right,” on one of the world’s most successful variety shows, America’s Got Talent.

On Tuesday, May 28, the 26-year-old country singer stepped in front of a live audience and the star-studded panel of judges with nothing but confidence and an eagerness to prove why she deserves a spot in the Season 19 competition.

Roberts started out by introducing herself and sharing the inspiration behind the song she was about to perform for the room full of fans, as well as the millions of viewers watching from home.  

“It’s kind of a funny story. So I’m a nerd. I love Star Wars, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Star Trek, all those things and I was watching a Star Wars movie, and I was like, ‘oh my goodness, this character was not raised right.’ I was like, ‘wait, that’s a great title. Let me use that and then make it about my life and then it will be a story that I can tell.’ So that was kind of the backstory behind ‘Raised Right.’”

Reyna Roberts; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
Reyna Roberts; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Roberts Hopes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Will Kickstart Her Dream Of Superstardom

Longtime judge Simon Cowell then asked her to explain why she decided to take a leap of faith and try her luck on the America’s Got Talent stage. 

“My dream has always been to be a superstar. I want to create music that outlives me and hopefully that inspires other people and I feel like this is the moment that is going to become reality for me,” she said, earning a roar of applause from the audience. 

Then it was time for Reyna Roberts to dominate the stage with a bit of help from her band. “Y’all ready?” she asked before breaking out into the countrified anthem that had the audience standing up out from their seats and dancing along.

With a bright smile on her face and power in her voice, Roberts delivered the upbeat tune that pays tribute to her Alabama upbringing that instilled both good morals and a bit of a wild side in her. 

Reyna Roberts; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
Reyna Roberts; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

The Judges Weigh In

Cowell already appeared to be intrigued by Roberts’ bubbly personality and passion for music before she even began showcasing her talent, and by the time she and her bandmates finished their performance, it was clear he was locked in as a true fan.  

“You’re not messing around, are you?” he asked, to which Roberts confirmed, “Not at all.” 

Unfortunately, Howie Mandel did not see as much of the same spark in the songstress. 

“I think that you have an incredible talent and it’s a risk to do an original. That original didn’t ring to me, but it’s all very subjective. It didn’t hook me,” Mandel said, earning a round of boos from the audience. 

The remainder of the judge’s feedback was nothing but positive for the hopeful singer. Heidi Klum went on to praise both her songwriting abilities as well as her “amazing” vocal talent. 

“I love when you really belt it out. I love when you hold the note. I also love this look that you’re serving today. I love it,” Klum said in reference to Roberts bright red hair, paired with matching leather romper, over-the-knee boots and a dusty white cowboy hat to top it all off. 

Sofia Vergara added, “I think the band was great. I think the song was great. I think her voice was great. I feel that you’re such a complete artist and you look beautiful. Gorgeous girl.”

It all came back around to Cowell, who was ready to give his official review of the entire performance. 

“I always think the sign of a great artist is actually when they bring a great band and you’ve got a great band,” he shared. “I think you know exactly where you are going. I am so thrilled beyond thrilled actually, that you came on the show. You’ve no idea, really.”

A Triple Yes Means Roberts Will Advance To The Next Round

Cowell then gave Roberts her very first yes, followed by Klum and Vergara who did the same while Mandel stuck to his disapproval.

After earning a yes from three of the judges, the Nashville, TN resident exited the stage with the excitement of knowing she will be advancing on in the competition.

Tuesday night’s episode marked the Season 19 premiere of America’s Got Talent. Viewers can see the next round of acts take the stage for their auditions next Tuesday, June 4 at 8/7c on NBC and streaming on Peacock. 

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