Brad Paisley’s ‘Off Road’ is an Anthem for Women Everywhere

Brad Paisley recently released a new single called “Off Road” and it’s the female empowerment anthem we never saw coming. …


Lauren Jo Black

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February 25, 2021

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Brad Paisley; Photo by Jeff Lipsky

Brad Paisley recently released a new single called “Off Road” and it’s the female empowerment anthem we never saw coming. 

Out now, the track celebrates women who carve their own paths and don’t take no for an answer. The track follows the release of 2020’s “No I In Beer” and has the potential to be Paisley’s biggest hit in years. 

“She’s a little off road/ Gravel dust on her halo/ I think you oughta know/ If you wanna ride along, just hang on/ Now where she’s goin’ ain’t paved/ She ain’t lookin’ for a highway/ And she ain’t gonna stay in her lane/ Cause she’s a little off road,” he sings on the chorus. 


“It’s really about female empowerment and the way that women will bust through roadblocks. You can’t keep a country girl down, she is just going to go off the beaten path and do the thing she needs to do to change this world,” Paisley, who co-wrote “Off Road” alongside Ross Copperman and Lee Miller, explains. “It’s about trailblazers, and I hope people relate to it.”

The GRAMMY-winning star says the song goes out to strong women everywhere, specifically female country artists who haven’t always had it easy in the music industry. 

“I just think the track has got something magical about the fact that women, especially country women- When I think of this song I think of people like Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood and Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn and just the strong, long list of females that blazed their paths,” he says, adding, “This is for them.” 

Paisley performed the new track earlier this month during NBC’s Grand Ole Opry: 95 Years of Country Music special.

“A lot of Opry history has been made by a lot of female artists who refused to stay in their lane,” the country superstar shared at the time. “I wanted to sing this tonight for all of the women of the Opry, past and present, who’ve made this and the world such an interesting place. Roadblocks never stopped a country girl, I’d say.”

Click above to listen to Brad Paisley’s “Off Road.” 

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