Exclusive Premiere: Gabrielle Mooney Debuts Autobiographical New Track, ‘Bad’

“This song is the story of how I became who I am now,” Mooney shares.


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February 18, 2021

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Gabrielle Mooney

It appears music runs in the blood of the Mooney family.

Gabrielle Mooney, sister of Dan + Shay‘s Shay Mooney, is debuting her edgy new pop/country track, “Bad,” exclusively on Country Now.

Co-written by Gabrielle alongside Jeffrey Michael Garrison and Aaron Kyle Jefferson and produced by Jamie Kenney, “Bad” finds the Arkansas native having a conversation with God about her “Bad” habits and questioning whether or not she’s going down the wrong path. 

“I like to be bad/ I like to wear black/ I like my country boys all covered in tats/ I like to be bad/ Like a girl Johnny Cash/ Are you cool with that/ Or am I sliding back/ ’cause I like to be bad,” she sings on the chorus. 

Mooney says the song is an autobiographical one and offers fans a glimpse of her life story. 

“This song is me talking to God. Telling Him that I like these ‘bad’ things… Rock music, all black, tattoos, piercings, being a little rebellious,” she explains to Country Now. “It’s me asking if he’s cool with me being this way, or if I’m backsliding away from him. I went through a lot to find my way, but I feel like we all do. This song is the story of how I became who I am now.”

Mooney, who originally began her music career under the pen name Lyrx, is ready to continue to share her truths through country music. In a recent interview with People, Mooney revealed how her brother, Shay, was instrumental in her move to Nashville and pursuit of country music. 

“When I accepted who I am and where I’m from, then I loved country music, because it spoke about everything I grew up on—riding four-wheelers and going to bonfires and being a mile from every neighbor we had,” she previously shared in a statement. “When I write country music, it’s just me writing about my life.”

Click above for the exclusive premiere of “Bad,” which drops Thursday (Feb. 18) at midnight. 

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