Kane Brown Says His Duet With His Wife Katelyn Is ‘Perfect’ and ‘Beautifully Written’

Kane Brown and Wife, Katelyn
Kane Brown and Wife, Katelyn; Photo via Instagram
Kane Brown and Wife, Katelyn

Kane Brown is sharing more details about his highly anticipated duet with his wife, Katelyn.

The superstar recently sat down with PopCulture.com and revealed more about their duet, “Mad at This World.”

“She was a pop singer and she put singing on hold and then we had the baby,” Brown told the publication. “We’ve been talking about doing a song together and then we just heard this song come in that was perfect for us. I thought it was a beautifully written song. And so we’re just excited to get that up, kind of release it to the fans. I tell her that she’s my secret weapon.”

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Brown first opened up about their duet during an interview with Sirius XM’s The Highway. While chatting with the Storme Warren Show’s MC, the superstar revealed that he and Katelyn is his “secret weapon that I’m waiting to unleash.”

“So usually, I’ll always just write my songs, but this was actually a pitch that I heard that immediately caught my ears and caught my attention,” Brown explained. “It’s kind of like another…it’s not ‘Worldwide Beautiful,’ but it’s basically a song calling out everything else that’s happened in 2020, from the tornados destroying Nashville, California getting hit by those fires, and all of that.”

No release date has been set for “Mad At This World,” however many fans are hoping it will appear on his next album.

Brown recently released a seven-song EP, Mixtape Vol. 1

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