Lindsay Ell Releases Sonny and Cher-Inspired Video For ‘Want Me Back’

Lindsay Ell Want Me Back Video
Lindsay Ell Want Me Back Video; Photo via Instagram
Lindsay Ell Want Me Back Video

Lindsay Ell recently unveiled a cinematic music video for her new single, “Want Me Back.”

The stunning clip takes fans back in time with a Sonny and Cher-inspired storyline that encourages listeners to be confident in themselves. The Justin Key-directed video brings the song’s lyrics to life and captivates viewers with its old-school Hollywood glamour. Ell says they put a lot of effort into the clip to make sure it was just right.

“For this music video we based the narrative on the story of Sonny and Cher, where I’m previously in a duo called “Eddie and Ell,” until I ultimately decide that I want to emerge as a solo artist. The video captures the storyline in which my whole persona changes from an unconfident, held-back woman, to then realizing my own self-power and stepping into it,” Ell explained to CMT.

Out now, “Want Me Back” was co-written by Ell alongside Kane Brown, Matt McGinn and Lindsay Rimes. The soaring track showcases Ell’s growth as a songwriter and vocalist and exudes confidence, further proving Ell as of country music’s soon-to-be superstars.

“If I were you, I’d miss my kiss/I’d miss me keeping you up all night/ If I were you, I know that losing me/ Would make me lose my mind You ain’t gonna find nobody like me/ I’m the best you ever had and I’m always gonna be/ So if I were you if I were you/ I’d want me back too,” she sings on the chorus.

The song is featured on Ell’s just-released sophomore album, Heart Theory.

Click above to watch the brand new “Want Me Back” music video.

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