Mickey Guyton and Breland Collaborate on ‘Cross Country’ Remix

Genre-fluid artist Breland and Grammy-nominated artist Mickey Guyton have come together to blur the lines of musical genres with a…


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 26, 2021


3:39 pm

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Breland, Mickey Guyton

Genre-fluid artist Breland and Grammy-nominated artist Mickey Guyton have come together to blur the lines of musical genres with a remix of Breland’s “Cross Country.”

Breland first released this pop-country tune earlier this year, following the release of his platinum-selling track, “My Truck,” which is featured on his self-titled EP. “My Truck,” part of Breland’s first step into the country scene, featured country hitmaker, Sam Hunt. Now, he is back with another collaboration, revealing this new version of “Cross Country” with Guyton.

Breland and Guyton have a mutual respect for one another and were thrilled with the opportunity to work together. 

“I must say, when you asked me to [collaborate on ‘Cross Country’], I know you don’t realize this, but it brought me to tears. I really felt so honored, because I’ve been watching what you’re doing and as someone from the outside – which I know exactly how that feels – you’re so brave and bold and beautifully you,” Guyton told Breland in an interview with Land of the BRE Radio on Apple Music Country. “And you’re bringing so much love, such love and light into Nashville. And to be able to be a part of it – I was actually intimidated because of how amazing of a singer you are and how amazing of a writer you are. And I just wanted so hard to do you justice.”

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“Mickey, let me tell you, for everyone who hasn’t already heard it, you did your thing. You did your thing and I’m so grateful and even more honored. With everything that you just said, I feel like that times five, so I don’t even want to hear it,” Breland responded. “You are a young legend in the making and for me to have you on this song at this time in this type of a year and climate is so significant to me, and I’m just blown away that I even have you on the record in the first place.”

In the interview on Land of the BRE Radio, Guyton also recognized the impact Breland is having on the country music industry by introducing this kind of diversity with his music. Breland is “opening the doors for other people of color, not just black people, but everything. It’s just beautiful to see.”

In the upcoming months, Guyton plans to release her debut album along with an unreleased single. 

Click above to listen to the “Cross Country” Remix featuring Breland and Mickey Guyton. 

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