Kane Brown Reveals New EP and Album To Follow

Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

After releasing his new summertime single, “Cool Again,” late last week, country superstar Kane Brown joined Kelly Ford of RADIO.com for an extensive interview, where he dished about life in quarantine, the story behind how he met his wife and much more.

The American Music Awards’ winner also opened up about “Cool Again,” revealing that he has a remix of the song ready to go and shared that he’s already anticipating the music video.

“A back story that nobody knows is there is actually a remix that I already have to ‘Cool Again’ that I’m really excited to get out. It’s with another feature and I want him to be in the music video,” Brown shared. “So whenever we can both do the music video at the same time, then we’re gonna put it out.”

Brown went on to chat about new music and even revealed that a brand new project is in the works.

“We’re working on the album,” he explained of what will become the follow-up to 2018’s Experiment. “I think we’re gonna release an EP first and then the album is coming soon after.”

As for timing, that’s all up in the air – for now at least.

“I don’t know how soon and I don’t know the exact date,” he confessed. We don’t have it yet, but the EP will be pretty soon.”

It sounds like Brown will have plenty of material to choose from as well as he revealed that he has  “constantly been writing music.”

“We have so many songs,” he said. “I have over a hundred or two hundred songs that I have never even previewed.”

Brown co-wrote “Cool Again” with Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes. Co-produced by Dann Huff and Lindsay Rimes, “Cool Again” is the follow-up to Brown’s chart-topping single, “Homesick,” which became his fifth consecutive No.1 single earlier this year.

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